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  • Halo Microelectronics introduces a complete wireless and USB battery charging solutions optimized for TWS Earbuds Today Halo Microelectronics introduced three new battery charging solutions that are optimized for TWS application. Halo, with its wide-range of battery charging and DC-DC products, has been enabling market leading portable devices since 2012. With these market proven IP’s, Halo has developed battery charging solutions that are ideal for the growing TWS market. Learn More >>
  • Halo Micro is leading mobile fast charging transformation Today Halo Microelectronics announced two new products that utilize switched capacitor architecture to deliver 98% efficiency DC-DC conversion, which outperforms traditional DC-DC converters by up to 10% in efficiency. This higher efficiency significantly reduces the thermal dissipation in mobile devices such as smartphones, thus enabling more power to be delivered to the battery and resulting in a faster charging speed. With the advent of 5G technology, and the increasing demand for rich content delivery, the battery capacity of smartphones will continue to increase, and faster charging will become an increasingly important feature for enhanced user experience. Halo Micro is at the forefront of this transformation happening in the mobile industry. Halo’s market leading products will deliver 2x to 5x faster wireless and wired charging experiences in comparison to previous solutions. Learn More >>
  • Halo Microelectronics at CES 2020: Presents Leading Ultra Fast Wireless and USB Charger solutions Campbell, California – Halo Microelectronics is excited to share with you our new solutions that span the mobile, IoT, and automotive industries at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. We are especially proud to demonstrate our new innovative cap divider products with major design wins at top tier OEMs. Learn More >>
  • Halo Micro Releases Smart High-power Multi-mode Wireless Charger-HL6111R Halo Micro, a leading fast battery charger IC start-up, today announces the release of its fully integrated tri-mode high-power wireless charging receiver IC. Learn More >>