Halo Micro Releases Smart High-power Multi-mode Wireless Charger-HL6111R

Date:2019-05-30 Hits:

Halo Micro, a leading fast battery charger IC start-up, today announces the release of its fully integrated tri-mode high-power wireless charging receiver IC. This new product, HL6111R, enables up-to-15W of wireless charging capability and automatic detection and adaption to all common wireless-charging standards: AirFuel Alliance (resonant and inductive) and WPC. Halo Micro is working with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, to develop a tri-mode wireless charging IC for future Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Mobile Platforms.

HL6111R is a fully integrated single-chip wireless charging power receiver IC that automatically detects and self-configures to work with WPC V1.2(Qi) and Air Fuel (resonant and inductive) standards. It integrates a high-efficiency full-synchronous rectifier and a high-performance switching regulator to deliver a maximum of 15W and 4-12V programmable output voltage. It offers with best-in-class conversion efficiency, minimum PCB footprint, as well as maximum design flexibility between receiving coil design and output voltage regulation to match down-stream Li-Ion battery charge ICs. This IC maximize charging efficiency by optimizing the full-synchronous rectifier’s operating condition based on the detected receiving mode, and adopting a high-efficiency switching post-regulator instead of the conventional low drop-out regulator (LDO). This configuration maintains high power conversion efficiency over a wide range of Vrect and Vout combination.
This IC enables multi-mode wireless charging receiver solution that works with both inductive and resonant transmitters to offer a transparent user experience. It also integrates comprehensive protection against input over-voltage, output over-load, over temperature and other abnormal conditions to guarantee safe operation under all application usage scenarios. HL6111R is available in a 64-bump, 0.4mm pitch, Wafer-Level Chip-Scale package (WLCSP), or a 32-pin 5mmx5mm QFN package.

HL6111R is suitable for a variety of wireless charging applications with 1-2s Li-Ion Battery. This includes mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops, power banks and other accessories.

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